Samstag, 27. März 2010

A minority report

According to statistics, the population of Oslo in 2021 will consist of more than 50% people of foreign herritage, most of whom are from Muslim countries. For many, among other the well known Minister of Education, Kristin Halvorsen, this "doesn’t represent a problem, but it does represent a challenge". She and her fellow progressives might find this a logical and meaningfull statement. I don’t. When the challenge you face is so great that it can’t be dealt with without extreme messures that demand high costs, then you are facing a problem. The ”challenge” being that Norwegians will become underrepresented in their own capital, is of this character.

The reason for this unbalanced population development is not only that the immigrants have more children than Norwegians and that Norway keep importing immigrants. It also has to do with the fact that Norwegians simply move out of the city or at least to the western districts (roughly said is Oslo a very divided city, with foreigners mostly living in a couple of districts east of the Aker River, while Norwegians still are the majority in the more prosporous west). As can be seen in this documentary (texted in English) from the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK, even progressive ”anti-racist” Norwegians are acknowledging the problems following an immigrant majority. This mother wanted to raise her son in a multicultural environment, only to experience that the little boy wasn’t accepted by the other foreign kids at his school, a school with more than 90% ”foreign language speakers”. They ended up changing schools. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up changing city districts as well.

The problem has several dimension. Culturally, of course, this development will mean the end of Norwegian culture in the biggest city of Norway. I can’t wait to see the parade on the 17th of May marching up to the Royal Palace, waving Iraqi, Pakistani, Turkish, Palestinian and Solmali flags, with a small Norwegian one here and there. The major theaters in the country lies in Oslo. Will the Somalis be just as anxious to visit the National Theather and see Ibsen’s ”A dolls house”? Will the Pakistanis eagerly rush to the Norwegian Theater, one of the most important representatives of New Norwegian? Will they attend rock concerts in Rockefeller? Will the Iraqis cheer along side the streets when Oslo’s gay community stage their annual Pride Parade? And will they fill up the metro lines every Sunday morning during winter in order to go skiing in the forests around the city? If so, why don’t they do it today? I have personally done all of the above, but have yet to see any believing Muslim at any of the events. Why should that change after the Norwegians are gone?

The problem also has a politcal dimension. Oslo is a county and geographically a very small one at that. Many people live outside of the city, in the county of Akershus, whilst working in Oslo (six out of ten, according to statistics). Akershus is perhaps the county where most Norwegian ”refugees” from Oslo move to. As a consequence, the number of Norwegians with election rights in Oslo is reduced, while the number of foreign woters go up (you don’t have to be a Norwegian citizen in order to wote in the local elections). The possibility of political parties that appeal to (radical) Muslims having a go at the city council is very much present. Now, attempts have already been made in establishing parties for immigrants, without any luck. Most immigrants have until now been woting lefitst parties (80% in 1999), these being the ones who ”understand” the immigrants the best and agree to their ”cultural needs”. But with immigrants becoming the majority, why shouldn’t they form their own parties with programs that go even further in answering their own cultural and religious demands, or at least make the soft Left agree to more of these demands? Muslim schools. Segregated physical and other education in the normal schools. New regulations on the sale of alcohol. Abolishment of non-halal food in public cantines. All speculations of course, and perhaps small insignificant cases alone, but put together, they could represent the ”sneeking” islamification of the Norwegian society.

I once had a conversation with a fellow student of mine. For some reason, we started discussing the fact that immigrants are starting to out-number the Norwegians in the capital. She is a smart and kind person, from an intellectual home and up-to-date on what’s going on in the news. But she couldn’t understand my worries about the population imbalance. ”Why is it a problem?”, she said. ”They are just as Norwegian as you and me. I don’t see why we should make this a problem”. This was when I was ”young and dumb”, when I didn’t have the arguments mentioned above. I tried saying something about the language; that Norwegian language would suffer from becoming a minority in schools and being influenced by the poor vocabulary and grammar skills of the immigrant pupils. She agreed, but the solution was just better education. She completely ignored the fact that it is the language that is being spoken outside the class room that has the most influence on children and young people. Need I say that she votes the Socialist Left Party?

Lower birth rates

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I said that the imbalance in birth rates between Norwegian women and their immigrant counterparts is one of the reasons for this development. Norwegian women had in 1999 1,8 children on average, whilst the rate for immigrant women was 2,4. The situation for other European countries is much worse. German women, for example, have only 1,3 children in average. This means that without immigration, the European population stagnates. The trend of lower birth rates accelerated in the late 60’s and has kept it self low since, much because of better birth controll (”the pill” came on the European market in 1961), but also largely because of the women emancipation.

The solution to falling birth rates would of course be a totally different family policy, making it easier for women to have children and still achieve self-actualization (as if they were mutually excluding). The Norwegian government deserves some credit on this point, having built an enormous amount of child care centers in the last couple of years. But this is not enough. A totally different attitude must be spread in the societies.

Self-actualization has become a somewhat selfish project, concentrating on one self as an individual, almost detached from the rest of the outside world. The late Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl however, suggested that the ”real” self-actualization could only be fulfilled when the ”project” was directed outwards. Striving towards greater goals outside one self gives a much higher achievment of self-actualization, especially through social responsibility and involvement in the community. Having and raising children is one way of fulfilling one self, not only because children are nice to be with, but also because one sees one self as being a part of something greater, i.e. raising a new generation of the human race and, not the least, your own culture. But for many Europeans today, children are more of an obstacle in the way of self-actualization than they are a posibility of achieving this. Changing the mentality of the society in this respect, is therefore utterly important.

Sadly, as long as the Left and the progressives are running the show, this won’t happen. To say to women of today that they need to have more babies in order to preserve our people and culture, will probably be met with comments about Hitler’s Lebensborn and his handing out medals to women who got many children (it’s strange how the Left loves refering to the Nazis when they argue against opponents). In addition, they are afraid that by saying this, they will destroy what they and the feminist movement have achieved during the last 50 years. They don’t see that with the right policies it is possible to have the cake and eat it too.

If new and better family politics were introduced today, we would perhaps just make it before the real big wave of retired people hit Europe in 20 years. If not, we will have to import 56 million immigrants in order to take care of us. I know which alternative I’d prefer.

Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

Excuses are being made

The public Norwegian broadcasting company NRK ran for a couple of days ago a story about a Swedish-Jewish family living in Malmø, who now decided to move to Israel. The reason: An extreme increase in antisemitism among the Muslims, which now counts for between 25% and 35% of the total city population. NRK followed up with similar stories coming from Jews living in Oslo, all saying that the hatred against Jews is increasing dramatically.

This increase of antisemitism goes hand in hand with the contiued increase of the immigration of Muslims. The Qur'an states explicitly that all Jews should be killed. Muslim children are taught to hate Jews (and other infidels). This is all old news, most people are aware of these facts. Still, it seems that some otherwise well informed and educated people manage to ignore it and turn the Muslims who exercise these verbal and physical attacs into victims – as seen so often before.

The leader of the Norwegian Center agaist Racism, Kari Helene Partapuoli, suggests that the hatred comes from “among others, Muslim youth who take out their frustration by attacing an other exposed group”. In other words, this is by all means intolerable, but one can understand it, as these young Muslims feel overlooked, set aside and discriminated against by the majority. The same excuse was made after the violent demonstrations in Oslo, January 2009. The rest of the society were then constantly reminded that these youngsters are “frustrated” and “angry” because they felt like outsiders in the Norwegian society; they weren’t given the same oppurtunities as Norwegians; they felt forced to assimilate instead of intergrate; they experienced discrimination everywhere they went; they didn’t feel “heard”.

The matron of the Jewish congreation in Oslo, Anne Sender, says that the problem is very much connected to the Muslim society, and she should know, standing so to say in the middle of it all and recieving reports from Jewish parents about their harassed children. Yet, the Norwegian Minister of Education (Socialist Left Party) manages to say that this ”is not a Muslim problem, but a Norwegian one”. What she actually means by this is unclear, but I choose to interpret her as saying that the responsibility lies on the Norwegians, i.e. the larger society, and not specifically on the Muslim society. In other words, the Norwegians have to look into what they can do in order to cope with this problem. And I can hear the answer already: Dialouge.

As so often before, it is we who have to change, adapt, excuse our selves and invite to dialouge. Every integration debate always starts with the question ”what can we do in order to integrate immigrants better?” As a logical consequence, we are to blame when the integration fails and parallell (immigrant) societies form.

Respecting someone means not only tolerate their often odd views and opinions. It also means seeing them as thinking and sensible individuals with a mind of their own and with an ability to observe, process and act on whatever situation or subject at hand, and to reflect on the consequences of their actions. Removing the guilt from people who have done something wrong, with the excuse that ”you were frustrated and angry and wanted to be heard because we haven't treated you good enough”, is the same as disrespecting them; it’s a process of infantilization.

This situation can be seen as a part of the West’s self-afflicted guilt for all the evil and atrocities commited in the World, a process started in the decades after the WW II and the decolonisation, and especially driven forward by the so called ”generation of ’68”, who today is leading the multicultural project in Europe through their high possitions within politics, culture and media. Denounciation of our own culture and values are also parts of it. They throw out labels of racism and xenophobia towards those who oppose their project and have put the Human Rights on a pedestal, overlooking the fact that these same rights are being sinned against every time they defend the offenders. For, as Article 1 in the Declaration states:

All human beings […] are endowed with reason and conscience.

Why then deprive those who offend against others – in the name of Allah – of those capabilities?

Edit 28.03.10, 15.20: Norwegian and Swedish Jews are not the only ones experiencing a record high number of antisemitic attacs/incidents. The situation is just as bad in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. According to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, there hasn't been as many attacs on Jews since the Second World War. And of course, there are young Muslims behind almost every one of them. But of course, also the Jews are influenced by the political correctness, as one Diane Keyser, from a Jewish forum in Antwerpen, Belgium, says. "There's a small group of young people behind it. Other than that, we live [peacfully] beside eachother, if not with eachother."

Is it really a "small group" behind the over 100 attacs in Belgium (2009), over 100 attacs in the Netherlands only in January 2009, 924 attacs in the UK (2009) and 832 in France (2009)?